29th July 2018

28th Saturday First Mass of Sunday

6.00pm Joseph Pediru Anniv. (Rita Joseph)

29th Sunday SeventeenthSunday in Ordinary time (B)

8.00am Parish Family

9.00am Clara Martyres RIP (Martyres Family)

11.00am Cissy Finch RIP (Anna Daly & Family)

4.00pm Syro Malabar Mass

30th Monday

NB 10.00am Funeral Mass of Rachel English

31st Tuesday St. Ignatius of Loyola

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am Paddy McCloone

9.40am Rosary

1st August


8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00pm Bert & Dolly De Cruz RIP (Pam Vaughan)

2nd Thursday

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am Patrick Joseph Galbrith RIP (Family)

9.40am Rosary

3rd Friday

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am Edward Sutherland RIP (Family)

9.40am Rosary

4th Saturday

11.00am Sacrament of Reconciliation during which

We will have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

11.45am Mid-Day Prayer, Benediction and Angelus

12.00 noon Sr. Joseph Dominic RIP

4th Saturday First Mass of Sunday

6.00pm Rachel English RIP .

5th Sunday Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary time (B)

8.00am Thanksgiving for Holy Family

9.00am Walter Haas F.M.

11.00am Parish Family

4.00pm Syro Malabar Mass


PARISH PRIESTS Fr. Bob Hamill, Fr. Francis Ward

Charity No. 234092 21 Tilbury Road

Issue 444 East Ham

28th July / 29th July 2018 London E6 6ED

For Private Circulation Only

Tel: 020 8472 2557/ Fax: 020 8586 2189

EMAIL: eastham@dioceseofbrentwood.org

Website : http://stmichaelse6.co.uk


Dear Parishioners,

This past week I was in Lourdes with the Brentwood Diocesan Pilgrimage. I had a group of twenty six, nineteen of them with Special Needs. We had the most wonder time, even though it was extremely busy and had some problems, thankfully none of them serious. We had to have the Doctors coming in to see a couple of the group as they were unwell and it was all down to the heat we had in Lourdes which I was informed you had here in London. It was the hottest and driest July in the twenty nine years we have travelled with the Diocese and it was the heat that upset them. We coped by giving plenty of water and of course keeping them as busy as we could. We celebrated Holy Mass each day with our Bishop Alan and on Tuesday morning we had Mass at the Grotto of Our Lady with the Archdiocese of Liverpool with their Archbishop Malcolm. It was a great experience and of course the two Bishops had great enjoyment in letting us know that the Archbishop came from London to work with the Northerners and our Bishop came from Lancashire to work with the Londoners and Essex. Three members of my group served at the Masses which they really love doing and the Bishop thoroughly enjoyed having them. We also had fantastic help from Group thirteen of the Diocesan Youth and what an incredible group they are. It is wonderful to see that being with the group was the greatest experience they have had and saying what a beautiful group I had. All I got from each individual of Year Thirteen was “I really love being with them” so I must say from the bottom of my heart what a wonderful experience we all had. Yes, we prayed for you all at the Grotto, and lit a big candle for all your intentions. I shall be having a few days rest this week as I always had difficulty in getting them to bed at night and then try to get them out of bed in the mornings which meant I sometimes only had a few hours sleep at night, so I am what you might say a little tired but always very happy to come back to St. Michael’s.

DEANERY MASS FOR VOCATIONS will be held on Thursday 22nd August at St. Antony’s Church Forest Gate at 7.00pm. All are welcome whether you are discerning a vocation to the Priesthood or want to pray for those who are. This event will include a vocations testimony from Adrian Lowe who is one of our Seminarians studying for the Priesthood in the Beda College in Rome. God Bless, Bob


29th Sunday Communion to the Housebound – 1.30pm

GDPR-EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS consent forms: please take one, fill it in, and return it to the Parish Office. I

30th Monday Funeral Mass of Rachel English – 10.00am

31st Tuesday Hopefully having a good rest!!!

1st Wednesday Trying, once again to enjoy plenty of sleep

2nd Thursday Centenary Mass, Our Lady of the Sea, Tilbury – 5.00pm

3rd Friday Meeting in Elm Park – 6.00pm

4th Saturday House Blessing – 2.00pm

5th Sunday Communion to the Housebound –1.30pm

Coming Events

CF Bar-B-Q, Saturday 11th August

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Holyday of Obligation

Wednesday 15th August

Baptism in Great Dunmow Sunday 19th August

Wedding Monday 20th August

Mass in St. Clare Abbey, Thursday 23rd August

300 CLUB: Dues will be taken after all the Masses this weekend. Thank you for your support.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation: Because of new data protection laws everyone whose name appears in the newsletter and rotas which are posted on notice boards must now give their written consent. In the coming weeks all Readers, Eucharistic Ministers and Volunteers of the Church, and any other groups, will have to fill in a form to comply with this regulation This weekend all Readers must take one of these forms, in .

COME AND PRAY FOR VOCATIONS… Deanery Mass to pray for Vocations to the priesthood at St. Antony of Padua on Thursday 22nd August at 7:00pm. This year the Vocations office have planned to pray for vocations in all twelve deaneries within the Diocese, one for every month in 2018. (See Notice board). All are welcome, whether you are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or want to pray for those who are. This event will include  a vocations testimony from Adrian Lowe who is one of our seminarians studying in the Beda College in Rome. 

DOWRY TOUR: Preparing for the Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary. The Slipper Chapel statue of Our Lady of Walsingham will visit every English Catholic Cathedral between 2018-2020. (See noticeboard for Brentwood Cathedral dates)

ONEDAY BIBLE & HEALING CONVENTION: at Divine Retreat Centre in Ramsgate 4th August2018. Coach leaves from Our Lady of Compassion, Upton Park, at 6.45am. Contact Jisha 07448859130 Reena:- 07576232294.

VOCATIONS WEEKEND FOR OLDER MEN: Organized by Mgr. Peter Verity, the Spiritual Director of the Beda College. For dates, please see noticeboard.

The weekend is run jointly by St. Beuno’s Spirituality Centre and the Beda College in Rome. It will take place at St. Beuno’s in North Wales from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th September 2018 (please see noticeboard).

ADOREMUS TALKS : The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales are organizing a Eucharistic Conference in Liverpool 7-9 September for us to reflect on the centrality of the Eucharist in the life of the Church. Our deanery is organizing a series of events to highlight the gift and importance of the Eucharist in our lives. We invite you to join us for the following events:

Sunday 2nd Sept. 7pm at St. Anne’s Church, Custom House: Talk “Receiving the Mission of Jesus”

Monday 3rd Sept. 7pm at St. Michael’s Church, East Ham: Talk on the Eucharist as the source and summit of our Christian life

Tuesday 4th Sept. 7pm at St. Stephen’s Church, Manor Park: Talk on Eucharistic miracles throughout the centuries

Wednesday 5th Sept. 7pm at St. Francis Church, Stratford: Talk on the Eucharist in the writings of St. Francis

Thursday 6th Sept. 7pm at St. Margaret’s Church, Canning Town: Talk on the reality of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

Friday 7th Sept. 9:30pm at St. Anthony’s Church, Forest Gate: Mass followed by a commentary on John 6 “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life” and all-night adoration

Saturday 8th Sept. 7pm at Our Lady of Compassion Church, Upton Park: Eucharistic healing service