18th june 2017

Saturday First Mass of Sunday
17th 6.00pm Rose & John Dique’s Int (Eileen Sweeney)

Sunday The Body and Blood of Christ (A)
18th 8.00am Parish Family
9.00am John M. Ellul RIP
11.00am In Thanksgiving (Shella)
2.45pm Syro Malabar Catechesis and Mass

19th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Thanksgiving (Juliana)

Tuesday St Alban
20th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Mary Lyons F.M

Wednesday St Aloysius Gozaga
21st 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Thanksgiving (Oscar & Alfonso)

Thursday St John Fisher & St. Thomas More
22nd 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am John & Annette Baxter Int

23rd 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Marjorie Norman F.M

24th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
NB 9.00am Paul Tavares Anniv. (Family)

Saturday First Mass of Sunday
24th 6.00pm Bernadette A Callegan RIP

Sunday Twelfth Sunday of the year (A)
25th Day for Life
8.00am Parish Family
9.00am Janet Joseph Anniv. (Johnson Family)
11.00am Joseph Pedira Pathrose Anniv. (Rita Joseph)
4.00am Malayalam Mass

PARISH PRIESTS Fr. Bob Hamill, Fr. Francis Ward

Charity No. 234092 21 Tilbury Road
Issue 386 East Ham
17th June / 18th June 2017 London E6 6ED
For Private Circulation Only
Tel: 020 8472 2557/ Fax: 020 8586 2189
WEB SITE www.stmichaelse6.co.uk
EMAIL: eastham@dioceseofbrentwood.org

Dear Parishioners,
This coming week we will be having extensive work on the Main Doors of the Church. Which will mean that the Church will be closed during the day from Monday 19th June to Friday 23rd June. Mass will be said each day at the usual time of 9.00am, with the Rosary and Morning Prayer before the Mass. You will enter the Church through the New Door, as the back of the Church will be shut off for the workers. We have had to do this as the Main Doors are left open all day and when it is a windy day they keep banging so much so that the bottom of the doors are being damaged. Also people do leave the door open when they come into the Church and it closes with a bang because of the wind. With the new work there will be very strong springs in the floor that will control the door in closing and keep the door shut when closed. It is an expensive job costing over £3000.00 but if we do not do it the cost will be much higher. We need to make sure that all is correct as we are also having an inspection on health and safety throughout the premises on Friday 7th July. With the last inspection we were informed that we had to have the doors opening outwards, and having done that we have had nothing but trouble with the doors. Hopefully, this will be rectified when the job is finished.
CANDLES: Sadly once again a person or persons are bringing
in the cheap candles from outside the Church and lighting them up. I must remind people that we have had a fire once and we really do not want another one. Please do not bring your own candles into the Church. The Church provides the candles. In the last two weeks St. Antony’s Church had a fire, luckily the Parish Priest spotted it and was able to stop it.
ALEXANDER JOHNSON: who has been here since last October to prepare himself to begin studies for the Priesthood has now left us and will be going to the Seminary in September. We wish him every success and blessing for the future. He helped out in St. Angela’s School and helped with the Confirmation course here in the Parish.
God Bless, Bob

18th Communion to the Sick/Housebound

Monday Meeting in Ilford – 7.00pm

Tuesday North Essex Deanery Mass with St. John’s School, Harlow – 10.30am

Wednesday Funeral of Terry Gilbey, Tilbury – 2.15pm

Thursday Rest day, hopefully!!

Friday Mass for St. Bonaventure’s School – 12.30pm
23rd C.F. Disco St. Michael’s School Hall 7.30pm

Saturday Steward of the Gospel Meeting, Campion School – 10.00am
24th Marriage Course begins, St.Antony’s Church – 10.00am

Sunday Visiting People with Special Needs.

Coming Events
St. Peter & St. Paul Holy Day of Obligation, Thursday 29th June
Mass in St. Bonaventure’s School Friday 30th June
Training Day St. John’s Trinity School Friday 30th June
St. Michael’s School Governors Meet Friday 30th June
St. John’s Proms, Friday 30 June
Mass in St,.John’s Camp Tuesday 4th July
St. Bonaventure’s Vocations Day Wednesday 5th July
Festival for Special Needs Friday 7th July
Precision Inspection Friday 7th July
Special Needs Festival Ilford, Friday 7th July
St. John’s Sports Day Saturday 8th July

300 CLUB: Winners are: – 1st prize- No.70-Doris Henry- £50; 2nd prize- No.43- Michael Campbel- £10 ; 3rd prize- No.23-Caroline Daly- £10 ; 4th prize- No.72- Betty Morgan- £10.00. We Congratulate all the Winners and remind you that the more people join, the bigger the prizes.
PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND: Fr. Francis is leading a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 4th Sept to 12th Sept 2017 for £1,197 including all excursions, flying from London Heathrow. For further information call Mrs. Mozzi on 020 8472 0843 or 07859 027301 or Fr. Francis.
ST MICHAEL’S SCHOOL: Have vacancies for the Nursery. If you have a child and you would like them to join the Nursery please contact the School for the Application Form. Fill it in and then come to see the Parish Priest to sign the form for your child.
CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF THE BRENTWOOD DIOCESE: with a Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham on 22nd July at £14.00 a seat. For tickets please see, Christy or Merlin.
30TH ANNIVERSARY Celebration Abbotswick Diocesan House of Prayer, Brentwood 11.30am – 4.30pm 8th July 2017: Please join us for this wonderful event. A Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated at 2pm by Bishop Alan Williams and Bishop Emeritus Thomas Mc Mahon. You are invited to bring a packed lunch. Cake and refreshments will be provided. For further information please call 01277 373959 or visit our website www.abbotswick.org.’
MEETING THE LIVING God seminar series 2017: Seminar 5: Saturday 24th June 2017 “God has a dream for each one of us” Bishop Emeritus Thomas Mc Mahon , Former Bishop of BrentwoodTime for both Seminars 10.30am -12noon at Brentwood Cathedral House, CM15 8AT.
SAN GIOVANNI AND ASSISI Tangney Tours are offering a tour to Rome, San Giovanni and Assisi from 2nd to 9th October. Price is approx.. £924.00. If you wish to have their insurance price is £31.00. single room supplement is £180:00. If you are interested please telephone 01732 886666 and ask for Gill. They have asked Fr Stephen Myers to lead this pilgrimage. Thank you.
ST JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL, UPMINSTER. Class Teacher required for September. This post would be suitable for a newly qualified teacher. Please contact the school office on 01708 220277 for more information. Full advert on www.jobsgopublic.com
CONFIRMATION: We would like all those who received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Pentecost to come tom the 11.00am Mass on Sunday 16th July to receive their Certificates and after the Mass to come to a Reception in St. Michael’s School Hall. We do hope all the Confirmandi will attend.
FIRST COMMUNIONS: Those parents who wish for their children to join the First Communion Sessions for 2018, need to write a letter of application and hand it in before 8th July. We will meet all parents and children on the 8th at 10.00am