15th April 2018

14th Saturday SATURDAY

6.00pm Rattinammalle ItiaCandy RIP (Family)


8.00am Anne Madden Int.

9.00am Parish Family

11.00am Aurelio Baniago Anniv. (Mercy Della Cruz)

2.45pm Syro Malabar Catechesis & Mass

16th Monday

NB 8.30am Martin & Lucy Silver Wedding Anniv.

10.00am Funeral of Angelina Morales

1.00pm Funeral of Bert De Cruz

17th Tuesday

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am C.J. Thomas Anniv. (AnnieXavier & Family)

9.40am Rosary

18th Wednesday

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am Fidel Ibuyan RIP (Family)

12.30pm Margaret Mitchell RIP (Sue Fahy) Said in Newham Hospital

19th Thursday

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am Daniel & Philip Crangle int.(Frances)

9.40am Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & Benediction

20th Friday

8.45am Morning Prayer

9.00am P. Mariam Pillai Anniv. (George)

9.40am Rosary

21st Saturday

NB 9.00am Doris Scott F.M.

11.00am Sacrament of Reconciliation during which

We will have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

11.45am Mid-day Prayer, Benediction and Regina Caeli

12.00noon Kenneth & Favour Wedding

21st Saturday First Mass of Sunday

6.00pm Kathleen Healy RIP (Tom & Betty Morgan)


8.00am Parish Family

9.00am Peter & Jenova Angelese Anniv. (Hudson Family)

11.00am Thanksgiving St. George (Sr. Joseph Kochueli Parish)

4.00pm Malayalam Mass


PARISH PRIESTS Fr. Bob Hamill, Fr. Francis Ward

Charity No. 234092 21 Tilbury Road

Issue 431 East Ham

14th April / 15th April 2018 London E6 6ED

For Private Circulation Only

Tel: 020 8472 2557/ Fax: 020 8586 2189

EMAIL: eastham@dioceseofbrentwood.org

Website : http://stmichaelse6.co.uk


Dear Parishioners,

I have been asked about Foundation Masses. What are they? and how does one organize them. Foundation Masses are usually for a deceased person. You can arrange to have a Mass said each year on the Anniversary of the Death of a family member or friend for 25 years. This is organized through the Chancery of the Diocese and is arranged with your Parish Priest. The donation would be £250.00 and the Diocese would send all Foundation Masses to the Parish at the beginning of each year and they would be said on the arranged date of the Anniversary. You often see a name for a Mass Intention and the letter F.M. after the name, this is to remind you that the Mass is a Foundation Mass.

300 CLUB: Forms will be given out this week end and they are placed at the back of the Church, we ask you to take one home and fill it in. Please hand it at the back of the Church when it is filled in and you can give either a cheque, made out to St. Michael’s Church or cash, the cost is £24.00 for twelve months or £12.00 for six months or you can give £6.00 for three months or you can pay £2.00 a month. It is easier if you can pay the Twelve months in one go. We hope that this year many more people will join the Club. It is the only real fundraising we do and we need to try and raise money for the New Toilets for the Church. If we can raise more members the prizes will be that much bigger and more people will be able to win. Please support your Parish in this way so as we can do many of the things we keep talking about. We also wish to purchase a decent organ for the Choir and we would love to do this as soon as the Toilets are completed. If you can think of any way in fundraising please have a word with Fr. Bob and we will do all we can to help. Many thanks to all who supported the 300 Club last year. A number of people who have won the Prizes over the past year have very generously given the prize money back to the Church to help raise funds and we say a huge thank you to them all. Let us make this year a great success.


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