11th June 2017

Saturday First Mass of Sunday
10th 6.00pm Thomas and Jamamma RIP (Flinton family)

Sunday The Most Holy Trinity (A)
11th 8.00am Parish Family
9.00am Agnes Henry Anniv (Family)
11.00am Ireneo Pere Catilo & Perpetua Lontoc Anniv (Catilo family)
4.00pm Malayalam Mass

12th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Thanksgiving (Myra)

Tuesday St Anthony of Padua
13th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Tony Pillai Anniv (Family)

14th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Francesca & Guisppa Int
12.30pm Holy Souls (said in Newham Hospital)

15th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Andrea Doran Int (Sue Fahy)

11.30am Funeral Mass Maureen O Sullivan (said in Tilbury)

16th 8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer
9.00am Christy & Merlin’s Int (Irene)

17th 11.00am Sacrament of Reconciliation during which we will have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
11.45am Mid day Prayer, Benediction and Angelus
12.30pm Silver Jubilee Mass for Sr. Diana St. Antony’s Forest Gate

Saturday First Mass of Sunday
17th 6.00pm Rose & John Dique’s Int (Eileen Sweeney)

Sunday The Body and Blood of Christ (A)
18th 8.00am Parish Family
9.00am John M. Ellul RIP
11.00am In Thanksgiving (Shella)
2.45pm Syro Malabar Catechesis and Mass

PARISH PRIESTS Fr. Bob Hamill, Fr. Francis Ward

Charity No. 234092 21 Tilbury Road
Issue 385 East Ham
10th June / 11th June 2017 London E6 6ED
For Private Circulation Only
Tel: 020 8472 2557/ Fax: 020 8586 2189
WEB SITE www.stmichaelse6.co.uk
EMAIL: eastham@dioceseofbrentwood.org

Dear Parishioners,
Last week we had a wonderful celebration for thirty two of our young people who received the Sacrament of Confirmation. We thank all the young people for their involvement in the Mass and for the great respect they showed. It was a wonderful ending to the Sacramental Preparations for 2017. We thank also the Catechists who did a wonderful job in the preparing of our young people. We pray and hope that they will continue the practice of attending Holy Mass throughout their lives.
FIRST COMMUNIONS 2018: We are now preparing the next First Communion Programme and would like all Parents to write and let us know that they wish for their children to join the course for the next year. You will need to let us know where the child was Baptized and to bring both the letter and a copy of the child’s Baptism with you to the inaugural meeting on Saturday 8th July at 10.00am in the Church. You will also need to help the child with the following prayers: The Our Father, The Hail Mary and The Glory be to the Father, for the Sisters will ask the Child if they know these prayers. We are having this meeting so that the sisters will be able to prepare the lessons, which will start in September 2017.
STEWARDS OF THE GOSPEL: I wish to thank those who have handed in their Questionnaires and I must say they were interesting answers. Some of you have shown an interest in becoming Stewards of the Gospel and I would like you to come and see me and we can talk about it. We do need Stewards of the Gospel and I would like one of you to join me on Saturday the 24th June to go to the next gathering of the Stewards from all over the Diocese at the Campion School, Upminster. It would be good for a parishioner to be with me. If any person who still has a questionnaire and can fill it in please drop it to me.
THE NEW MASS BOOKS: Have been purchased and are at the back of the Church on the shelves as you enter. There are some for sale in the Repository. We hope all readers will use these books for the preparation to Read at the Masses. God Bless, Bob

11th Communion to the Sick/Housebound pm

Monday Full Governors’ Meeting, St. John’s School – 4.30pm

Tuesday FuneraL OF Angela Guina St. Vincent’s Church Dagenham 1.00pm
13th C.F. trip to Show, London 5.00pm

Wednesday Mass in Newham Hospital – 12.30pm
14th Receiving the Body of Maureen O’Sullivan, Tilbury – 4.30pm

Thursday Council of Priests, Brentwood – 11.00am
15th Funeral of Maureen O’Sullivan – 11.30am

Friday Funeral Noelina Suferein, City of London – 12.45pm

Saturday Marriage Course begins, St.Antony’s, Forest Gate 10.00am – 3.00pm
17th Sr Diana’s Silver Jubilee Mass, St. Antony’s Church – 12.30pm
C.F. Social, Leyton – 5.30pm


Coming Events

St. John’s Deanery Mass Harlow Tuesday 20th June
Funeral in Tilbury, Wednesday 21 June
Mass, St. Bonaventure’s School , Friday 23rd June
St. Peter & St. Paul Holy Day of Obligation, Thursday 29th June
Training Day St. John’s Trinity School Friday 30th June
St. Michael’s School Governors Meet Friday 30th June
St. John’s Proms, Friday 30 June
Mass in St,.John’s Camp Tuesday 4th July
Festival for Special Needs Friday 7th July
Precision Inspection Friday 7th July

300 CLUB: Dues for 300 Club will be taken after all masses this weekend. We do need more people to join the 300 club. We could do with at least 40 more members. Draw will take place after 11am mass next Sunday.
PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND: Fr. Francis is leading a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 4th Sept to 12th Sept 2017 for £1,197 including all excursions, flying from London Heathrow. For further information call Mrs. Mozzi on 020 8472 0843 or 07859 027301 or Fr. Francis.

ST MICHAEL’S SCHOOL: Have vacancies for the Nursery. If you have a child and you would like them to join the Nursery please contact the School for the Application Form. Fill it in and then come to see the Parish Priest to sign the form for your child.
CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF THE BRENTWOOD DIOCESE: with a Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham on 22nd July at £14.00 a seat. For tickets please see, Christy or Merlin.
ANNUAL SPONSORED WALK: K.S.C. are co-ordinating a Circular Walk of 1 or 6 Circuits of West Ham Park on behalf of The Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society on Saturday 17th June 2017. Start time 10am at Main Entrance on Upton Lane and finish 1pm. Volunteers are needed to get sponsors and to do the walk. You can start any time after 10am but finish by 1pm. Organisers for Sponsor Sheets are Segrid Ayers: 0208 471 5575, Joseph Duke: 07956 274 279, Liston Fraser: 0208 470 6143.
30TH ANNIVERSARY Celebration Abbotswick Diocesan House of Prayer, Brentwood 11.30am – 4.30pm 8th July 2017: Please join us for this wonderful event. A Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated at 2pm by Bishop Alan Williams and Bishop Emeritus Thomas Mc Mahon. You are invited to bring a packed lunch. Cake and refreshments will be provided. For further information please call 01277 373959 or visit our website www.abbotswick.org.’
MEETING THE LIVING God seminar series 2017: Seminar 4: Saturday 17th June
“The Beautiful will save us: beauty in the thought of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI”
Fr. Martin Boland Dean of Brentwood Cathedral.
Seminar 5: Saturday 24th June 2017 “God has a dream for each one of us”
Bishop Emeritus Thomas Mc Mahon , Former Bishop of Brentwood
Time for both Seminars 10.30am -12noon at Brentwood Cathedral House, CM15 8AT.
SAN GIOVANNI AND ASSISI Tangney Tours are offering a tour to Rome, San Giovanni and Assisi from 2nd to 9th October. Price is approx.. £924.00. If you wish to have their insurance price is £31.00. single room supplement is £180:00. If you are interested please telephone 01732 886666 and ask for Gill. They have asked Fr Stephen Myers to lead this pilgrimage.
Thank you