10th Dec 2017


Please pray for Peter Ward Snr, (Fr. Francis’ father) who has died. Please pray for Fr. Francis, his Family and Friends at this time.

Please also pray for all whose anniversaries occur this week including: – Edward Shorey; Idea Clement; Eumiso Mudadan; David Stanislaus; Fr. Geoffrey Pye; Fr. Eamonn Magrath; Fr. George Carolan; Fr. William Evers; Fr. Francis Kerrigan; Fr. Gerard Kerr.



Sunday Meeting Tower Hotel – 1.00pm


Monday Newham College Nursery Visiting Church – 11.00am

11th Meeting in Brentwood – 2.15pm

R.C.I.A. continues in Parish Room – 6.30pm

Tuesday St. Michael’s School Crystingle Service in Church – 10.30am

12th Meeting with Deanery Priests – 7.00pm

Wednesday Mass in Newham Hospital – 12.30pm

13th Older Children 1st Communion – 5.00pm

Reconciliation St. Margaret’s Church, Canning Town – 7.00pm

S.V.P Meet in Parish Room – 7.30pm

Thursday. Funeral Mass Patrick Joseph Galbraith 11.00am

14th Meeting in St. John’s School – 12.30pm

Session 6 Confirmation St. Michael’s School – 6.45pm

Friday Reconciliation St. Michael’s School – 10.30am

15th Mass in St. Bonaventure’s School – 1.30pm

Saturday Pullichira Mass – 2.00pm

16th Simband Gabi Filipino Mass St. Michael’s School Hall – 3.00pm

Christmas Party Blueberry Close – 4.00pm

Sunday St. John’s School Concert – 2.00pm

17th Wednesday Club Christmas Party Ilford – 7.30pm

Coming Events

St. Michael’s School Concert, Monday 18th December

Reconciliation and Mass St. John’s School, Tuesday 19th December

Reconciliation St. Michael’s Church, Tuesday 19th December

Altar Servers Deanery Advent Service, Wednesday 20th December

Altar Servers Practice, Friday 22nd December

300 CLUB: The winners for November are as follows: 1ST Prize £50.00 No. 74 Jamie Angalis; 2nd Prize £10.00 No 117 Margaret Elsom; 3rd Prize £10.00 N0 99 Johnny Porritt; 4th Prize £10.00 N0 55 Addolorata Tobal. We thank everyone who supports the 300 Club and congratulate the winners. The Draw for December will take place next week after the 11.00am mass.

FILIPINO SIMBANG Gabi mass Saturday 16th Dec at 3:00 pm at St Michael School Hall. Party, games and raffles afterwards. Please bring food to share. For more information, please call 07576232294.

ST MICHAEL’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL ADMISSIONS: Calling all parents of children in non-catholic primary schools. St. Michael’s is a caring school which values each member of the school community. An expectation of care and concern for the well being of all children, staff and families is central to our ethos. As a Catholic school we strive to live by the Gospel values of truth, justice, forgiveness and kindness. St Michael’s currently has vacancies in the school so if you would like to join us please contact the school office to complete an application form.

; knockpilgrimages@gmail.com.  Knock Pilgrimages is a member of the Travel Trust Association and is fully protected by ATOL T7613.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS: Do you support Catholic Schools and the right of Catholics to send their children to them? Then we need to make your voice heard.

The Government is making a critical decision on whether to overturn the admissions cap which prevents Catholic Schools from allowing all Catholic pupils to attend. They have acknowledge that this policy siscriminates against Catholics and promised to abandon it, now we need you to tell them not to u-turn on their promise to Catholics.

Visit http://catholicnews.org.uk/education-cap or search for ‘Catholic Education’ in your search engine to write to the Government and urge them to drop their policy which bans new Catholic Schools

WALK WITH ME: booklet is available at the back of the church Cost only £1.00 please put money in the wall box. We urge everyone to buy a copy for your daily Advent reading.

REPOSITORY SHOP: is stocked with many Religious booklets, Cards, Calendars, and other gifts. It also has the Diocesan Directory Year Books on sale at £2.75p. This is a very important book to have in your homes. It gives all the information of what is happening in the Diocese. There are some very useful Information about the teachings of the catholic Faith. You can read the Obituaries of our Priest who have passed away and lots of other information about your Parishes and Schools.

NEW CANDLE STAND: We have purchased a new candle stand for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue as people were placing candles all around the Statue itself and the worry was that this would cause another fire. So we have an electric candle stand which is a much safer option. Also would you please not put lighted candles on the narrow bars by St. Anthony’s Statue as this is very dangerous.

2018 DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES:  Bishop Alan will lead our annual pilgrimage from Monday 23 to Saturday 28 July.  We shall be accompanied by an experienced medical team and there is plenty of help for those with mobility needs. The pilgrimage is no less ideal for couples, individuals, and groups of friends; all are welcome.  There is a full programme to opt in and out of. For more information or for a brochure, please phone the pilgrimage administrator Cathy O’Connor: 01206 735623.